Christmas Cabaret

Christmas Cabaret

A private cabaret with surprising guest artists for a colourful company party!

An end of year party plan for a loyal client who needed an original and well-executed production. Having the guests participate and interact with the entertainment was a must for this dinner and dance party with a Christmas Cabaret theme.
Client : Corporate Date : January 2013 Project type : Annual Party Place : Eaux-vives Park, Geneva
Private cabaret to celebrate the end of a great year !

Our Approach


A little bit of magic

Surprise the guests with a innovative and interactive concept Aritsts and interactive entertainment in a Christmas Cabaret theme.

Furniture and Decoration Rental

Set-up the space for a warm and intimate ambiance. Cabaret theme decorated with feathers and confetti.

Sound, lighting and video

Benefit from our unique range of equipment to meet the most complex requirements and leverage the latest technologies.

Red and amber toned lighting to set the mood.